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((it’s the japanese word for lemonade, though it’s become a more general term for soda. the final ‘d’ sound was dropped when the word was co-opted into japanese - just put the sound back and you’ll hear it!))

(( that clears everything out ;v; thanks a lot friend, so helpful ))

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((ramune like the japanese soda, I think? o: that’s the only ramune i know of

(( ahhhh! \QvQ/ thank you thank you! I tried googlin’ that but I wasn’t sure at all— ))


Elsens are so sweet and cute. Why must bad things happen to them? ;__;

Player: *hugs and nuzzles slightly*




He’s been trapped. He’s been caught! A short moment of panic ensues… before he realizes that’s no ghoul nor even stranger who has just wrapped their arms around him.

"I, I… oh! Mister Player, sir! Uh, I mean… Miss P… Player… I… uh… uhm… hhhh…. G-Good morning.  ”

"It’s a… a pleasure to see you here…!”

The Player patted him lightly, smiling. “Hello there, dear Elsen.” they greeted him, “You appear to have become part feline. You are even more adorable.”

His ears lowered in light embarrassment, and so did his gaze as it slipped down to the ground beneath his feet, a hint of soft purring rumbling through his throat in an involuntary response to their touch. “Oh, no, I… You’re too… k-kind, truly. Hhhh… Well, uhm, it isn’t my fault… The grey beings, they… you know…” A brief pause. Then, the Elsen glanced back up to the other, his own tail held tight between nervous fingers.“Uh… s-so… Is there anything I could do f.. for you? I, uh, I would be certainly pleased. It’s really the least I could do…”
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A reptilian girl had been walking around carrying a small light brown paper bag and almost walked past 842, but stops and looks at him. "Oh, well hello there li'l guy." She said with a smile, kneeling to his level.

Being so busy carefully placing into a crate each of the bottles brimming with fresh meat he held pressed against his chest, the worker didn’t take notice of the stranger kneeling right behind him. Not until she spoke, at least. ”Hhhh!” He spun around to face the source of that so dreadfully unexpected voice, fearful eyes skipping around her figure and opening wider and wider at every uncannily unfamiliar feature they laid on.image

And as he made an attempt to stumble away from the possible threat, the heel of his shoe bumped against the same box he was filling, inertia sending him falling on his back with a shrill yelp.

That pathetic chain of events only resulted in an Elsen laying in crate, covered in bottles, a thin thread of smoke rising from his mouth while his legs wiggled helplessly in the air. “Hhh, oh n-no… no… I, I… Are you a s-spectre? Please, don’t… don’t hurt me… no… hhh…hhh…”

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