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"A-ah..well…um…hh." Kinder completely understood the other’s hesitation and fear. New things were frightening. However Kinder had learned that new things could also be amazing and great!

"I would be with you…hhh the whole time! Hhh…I…t-think it could be…fun." 

The great number of activities normally labeled as ‘fun’ or ‘exciting’ usually revealed themselves to be far from being any enjoyable to him- and when they collided with the realms of ‘new experiences’, it was with particular care that he avoided them, keeping them far from him and his reassuringly repetitive life. And that one was no exception. Or at least, it wasn’t supposed to be. Just the thought of another day off, paired with the perspective of yet again leaving the nest that was his Zone sent discomfort crawling all the way along his spine!

But despite all that, the Elsen hesitated. After all, a fleeting thought murmured, it couldn’t possibly be that bad, could it be? Imagining anything more disorienting than that one Zone had already visited was inconceivable. It couldn’t possibly be worse!, it insisted.

“Uh… W-… we… well…” eyes fell shut, refusing to partake to what he was about to mutter. “Just, please… hhh… don’t leave me alone… a-ah…” Not quite direct, but an assent all the same: regret washed all over him.   

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"Hello there, mon ami. How have you been?"



The look of pure horror prying his eyes wide open just couldn’t be more evident. The newcomer’s resemblance to a certain creature he had previously found himself conversating with was… uncanny, to say the least.

That was a Burnt.

…And he was talking to him.


"I… I… ah… hhh… No, I… I’m s-sorry, I need to… I n-need to work… I’m sorry…! I’m terribly s-sorry! Hhhh," he quaked, palms held out towards the other as he stumbled back, ready to scurry away.

"Ah! No need to fret, monsieur! I do not intend to cause you any harm whatsoever."

The burnt dropped his knife he just so happened to be holding.

He opened his palms, showing the other there was nothing to fear. Butcher, although he was not too shocked from the typical reaction the elsen gave him, was slightly surprised at how nervous this elsen seemed to be. “If you must insist, I’ll leave you to your work!”

Attentive eyes followed the knife in its entire path, from burnt claws to the ground rushing to meet it with a sharp clank - yet their main focus was its owner, to whose figure they ran back the moment the weapon ceased to move. Lending his trust to a monster wasn’t likely to happen any soon; reassuring promises were not enough to dig out prejudices embedded deep in his core.

“If… hhh… If you could, it’d b-be… really, uh… really n-nice of you, sir… I, ah… hhhh…. quite sc… scared…” He clasped his hands together in a plea, raspy breathing running fast through his throat.

“Uh… please…”

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Came Across Meatwaterfalls!



She replied with a nod, before sensing the moist air of the Zone. She took a deep breath, smiling at the comforting environment. It was the first time she saw something like this.

¨Ah…¨ she started, in her childishly dreamy manner. ¨After being for an hour in there, the exterior feels so nice! What makes this place smell so good, and wet and-¨ she leaned a little, and slipped, catching one wet part of the soil. A groan would be produced upon falling on her butt, clearly not satisfied with doing something so clumsily in front of someone

The distant rumbling of a thunder resonated clear in a silence made of tapping raindrops and soft footsteps, catching the attention of a worker always wary enough for even one of the most common sounds to not go unnoticed. It was a wet thud that drew his gaze from the sky to where the young princess was standing – only to meet her figure quite lower to the ground than expected. And, brow knitted in a frown, she looked far from being pleased sitting right amidst a puddle of plastic. A raspy gasp slipped through the Elsen’s lips, eyes widened: then, no more than panicked squeaky questioning and fretful attempts to prove useful. “A-Ah, ma’am! I, n.. no… I’m sorry, I… hhh… A-Are you alright? Are… are you hurt? Oh, no, no, that’s… this is te… terrible! I’m so very… hhh… s-so sorry, so… hhhh….” He had let her fall! He had let her fall! An unforgivable mistake – at least in his eyes, a pair of distressed little orbs darting around, never to linger for more than a instant.

Overreacting, much?

“P… Please, allow me to help! Hhh,” he quaked, a hand reaching out for the child to grasp.

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