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Kinder was broken from his somewhat brave stance once his sleeve was tugged on. The snapped him out of it. The elsen stared down at the other. He had been touched! Good thing too, Kinder had thought about doing something so reckless he could have gotten killed if he went through with it.

"Oh…hhh…o-oh…well…I…" Kinder wasn’t sure what to say. He had been wrong but he didn’t want to admit it. 

"Hh…." The elsen’s face turned red and he turned around so his back was facing the other. "Im s-sorry! B-but…what…if..the spectres…what if they…are…here?" 

He held his breath trapped behind clenched teeth as he awaited for the other’s reaction to his poor attempts to be persuasive - attempts that obviously lacked in logic arguments and instead aimed to convince him out of nothing more than pity. Yet, they seemed to be somewhat effective, as words about fighting spectres were no longer to be heard, replaced by others that certainly sounded a lot less alarming. 

The Elsen quietly exhaled, still too wary to let actual relief sink in as he watched Kinder turn around. Tugging at his own tie to loosen its grasp around his throat, he reached an hesitant hand out to give a couple of gentle, almost imperceptible pats on his back. “Uh… well… hhh… The spectres have been here f-for… hhh… q-quite a long time, now…” he practically whimpered, voice quivering and clearly betraying how much he struggled to express a thought he usually carefully avoided to face. “Hhh… And we cannot… do a-anything about it. Uh… perhaps, one day higher authorities will… will eradicate the phantoms…! But if nobody has done that yet… there has to be a g-good reason, sir.”

"So, please… All we can do is to keep s-safe… I… I’m sure…"

Catching Up


"NOTHING INVOLVING YOU BUSHY-BROWED FRIEND." he pries. Not many elsens have much going on outside of work. He knows his little worker at least has that. "IS HE STILL VISITING YOU DURING WORK HOURS? DON’T BE SHY. EAT." In a glass he pours milk for his employee to at least get him to drink.

The tiny and, despite the other’s relatively open attitude, still quite tense worker blinked a couple of times. Definitely one of the last subjects he would have expected to be brought up – he had not even considered the possibility of mentioning any of that himself, as he strongly doubted the Guardian would be interested in hearing about his employees’ personal lives. Although he truly had no idea about what he actually wished to be informed about.

Fingers nervously drumming on his lap, #84260 took a few seconds to weight his words and organise them in a cautiously-planned pattern. “I… hhh… W-Well, uh… If you’re referring to mister Kinder, then… uhm… he has indeed been visiting me. B-But… not during work hours, sir!” he assured, his voice cracking in an agitated squeak that only led to increasing worry. Lying was usually a far too nerve-wrecking option for the Elsen to ever contemplate: there was no reason to doubt his word. Yet, the thought of not being as convincing as he intended was distressing enough for him to squirm and shift in his seat like a scholar caught cheating. “And… if that were to happen… I w-wouldn’t neglect my duties, sir. Uh… that would be… unacceptable, under any circumstances. Hhhh…”

Eyeing the clear white beverage filling up his glass, #84260 gave Dedan a surprised glance and a quick nod of his head. “O-Oh…! Yes, sir. I mean… t-thank you, sir…” He quietly reached out to clasp it between both shaking hands, an attempt to keep it steady enough to take a small sip. When was the last time he had tasted milk, even? 

(askcottonpuffelsen) "H-hello, ah, sir. I am Cotton Puff, senior inspector, I've come here on business to, i-inspect any sort of issue or problem with any mechanism, structure or w-working environment.."

An inspection? In that very moment? He definitely wasn’t in the… best conditions to deal with one. Anxiety rapidly wrapped its tendrils around his stomach and proceeded to squeeze it tighly in its grasp.

" Oh, I… yes, uh… Greetings, s-sir. It’s a pleasure to… ah, to have you here. Hhhh… I’m fairly certain you won’t be… d-disappointed…"

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