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With an understanding nod, Cotton pulled his clipboard up and checked off a few conditions on his inspection sheet. Smiling calmly, the winged elsen looked back up at the startled feline featured other.

Well, all is well with the fountains. No loose parts nor abnormalities.

With his wings tucked back behind him, Cotton bowed before the cat-elsen in due respect.

I, understand that my sudden flight was a bit startling. It’s quite alright, sir. … Tell you what, I’ll place in a good word for you. A good comment on a review does, many good. You have my sincerest thanks for your assistance in this inspection.

Standing back up with, Cotton’s wings twitched and fluttered with his conveying emotion— fluffing up and bouncing— happily and caring.

Despite his rather weak attempts at hiding how much the sudden flight had startled him behind a facade of attentive calm, his legs refused to stop shaking under his own weight and, one hand resting against his chest, he could clearly feel his heart racing underneath his fingers, fluttering like the wings of a scared hummingbird. Yet, he did not dare to speak a single word about any of that as he idly watched the inspector write on his clipboard, worried gaze occasionally darting to peek at those soft-feathered wings. Perhaps the mysterious grey beings were responsible for their presence. That would explain a lot. Numerous theories began inching their way into his mind, but questioning the other about personal matters was far too disrespectful to be even considered.

However, each of those thoughts were quickly erased once the winged Elsen offered a bow, and his cat ears perked up in surprise. “R… I… Really?” was the initial, uncertain response. Then he clasped his hands together, eyes brimming with relief and a trembling smile blooming on his face. “…For me…? I… You… You’re too g-generous, I, ah… hhhh….Thank you, sir, thanks a lot! Hhh…hh… I’m very glad you’re satisfied…”

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The Soldier approached the Elsen quietly, crouching to his level. "My, what an odd creature. What are you?"



The moment he took notice of the towering stranger walking towards him, a small whimper escaped his lips, eyes widening with fear as he watched him crouch down right in front of his own tense figure. As less intimidating as that posture certainly was, the Elsen instinctively took a wary step back anyway.


"Uh… ah… I… I’m afraid I don’t think I…hh… understand, s-sir," he muttered. His appearance didn’t differ much from the average Elsen’s. Was his tie not tight enough? His shirt too stained?

"I’m just… just a worker… hhh…"

"You ain’t much of a human." He observed the Elsen quietly, curious as the cat, his lonesome, pearly eye was locked on the creature.

"What do you work on, little one?"

The tiny employee slowly wrapped his arms around himself, failing to mantain eye contact as he squirmed under the other’s gaze. “Hhhh… I… ah…Well… I’m an E… Elsen, s-sir… like most people here….”

A single finger slid down his collar, tugging as he softly gasped for air. “Uhm… And, u-uh… my workplace is in Alma… the centre of Zone 1. My job is to f… fill bottles with meat and stack them into c-crates. So they can be delivered t… to all the other Zones. Hh…hhh…”

"…Are you a visitor…?"

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Came Across Meatwaterfalls!


She stayed in that same position: straight and expecting, with her palms joined. Observed by her were the elaborate breaths: clear sign of nerveness, for which she was not pressuring him to go onwards. Thanks to that, she looked quite surprised when the other spoked first. Did he had something going on in his mind for the other’s hesitation? ¨You do indeed? Well, that’s something I permit, with his obvious company, since I think he also needs to return to his working position, now that I’m done.¨

      She was through with this sentence when the other moved out of the corner, reaching out to open the door and wait for their pass. She tilted her head before smiling, glancing at the superior before walking out and waiting outside of the room, hands crossed over her lap. Before going out completely, she giggled at #84260. To ensure him he was doing alright? Maybe. Children are so complex fellows, regardless of rank

The higher ranked employee nodded at her words. “Oh, certainly… of course,” he replied, darting a quick glance at the little Elsen patiently waiting by the door, one hand holding it open and the other busy tugging, fumbling and overall reducing his poor tie to a crumpled strip of black fabric. Once he noticed her approaching, though, the worker straightened up, giving it a couple of pats in an attempt to smoothen it back to a somewhat acceptable appearance, before finally dropping into a small bow. A light flinch greeted her giggling – did he do something wrong? - but he only returned to an upright, although undeniably still slightly hunched stance when his superior walked through the door, as well. Perhaps a little excessive. Perhaps not. He simply wanted to be courteous enough.

Needless to say, #84260 kept a few steps behind them as they made their way through the corridors, not at all minding to attract as little attention as possible – but when the three of them reached the exit, it was the taller Elsen who lingered inside. “Well, then… Uhm… It’s been a true honour to… have you here. Thanks for your concern over our… hhh… our current situation… With your permission, I’ll be returning to my duties, now. May you have a pleasant day, ma’am.”

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panic/anxiety attack





  • breath in for 4 seconds
  • hold your breath for 7 seconds
  • exhale breath for 8 seconds

repeat once or twice more.

This causes an autonomic nervous system shift from a sympathetic (fight or flight reaction) state to a parasympathetic response.

Use this for panic/anxiety attacks, exams, presentations.

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Tumblr got anxiety advice. Fuck yeah.

Read this earlier, and it helped me a lot tonight.

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