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(( Besides -even though that was pretty clear by now— I’m going on a tiny hiatus, really not too long. Maybe one more week or so? Or maybe more? Not sure.

I love this blog more than anything and interacting with you and your muses is basically the only thing that kept me sane throughout the last year <3 But I’m really not in the right mindset to deal with this these days and I don’t wanna come up with awful replies and very poor content just because RL is pulling my hair off. So, just gonna wait until I yeild to the horror of everyday non-summertime reality and be right back!

Take care lovelies! I love you~ ))

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can someone explain to me why people like booker



(( So 842 was just supposed to be the standard canon Elsen at first and then-



panicking, jittery, constantly-on-the-verge-of-screaming-like-a-little-girl dork.


image ))


  • ★ a wish my muse has

A wish? Well, aside from being promoted to an higher employee rank, I’m fairly certain I can say his utmost wish would be absolute and everlasting safety. Pure utopia. Because if getting rid of spectres and ghouls would be even… somehow possible to achieve, his idea of safety is a little more extreme than it should be.

Absolute safety.

No risk of falling, illnesses, getting scratched, burning and… pretty much everything else. Impossible.

  • 웃:three people that are important to my muse

That’s an easy one! Kinder, Toii, and mister Dedan himself. Oh, but for different reasons, rest assured!

  • ☑:something my muse has accomplished that they’re proud of

He’s been promoted once! The memory is still as sweet as a sprinkle of sugar. The little Elsen used to be a worker in Pentel… his job was to slice cow carcasses open for the other employees to extract metal from. Gross. Not for him, though. Despite the looks, he’s not exactly the squeamish type… for what concerns blood and guts, at least.

  • ♓:my muse’s biggest secret

Keeping secrets for long is far too stressful for his delicate, fragile head to withstand~ 

Which is to say, I doubt he has any. 

I am waiting, hater buddy









(( …You’re insulting chickens that way! 

How can you compare that poor revolting excuse of a living being to a chicken? ))

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headcanon meme! send me a symbol and i'll tell you...

☺: three things that make my muse happy
☻: three things that make my muse sad
✝: any religious beliefs my muse has
☎ : my muse's ringtone
♫: three of my muse's favorite songs
♪: three songs that remind me of my muse
★: a wish my muse has
☑: something my muse has accomplished that they're proud of
☢: something my muse is afraid of
☂: what my muse does on a rainy day
→: is my muse any good with directions?
☮: is my muse a happy person?
웃: three people that are important to my muse
☃: does my muse like the holidays?
☯: is my muse more idealistic or cynical?
▲: my muse's happiest memory
✄: is my muse creative?
⌘: was my muse good in school?
✿: is my muse an outdoors person?
♈: the most daring thing your muse has ever done
♉: is my muse prone to jealousy?
♊: is my muse smart?
♋: is my muse emotional?
♌: three things my muse is enthusiastic about
♍: is my muse shy?
♎: is my muse vain or cocky?
♏: something my muse obsesses over
♐: is my muse blunt or do they beat around the bush?
♑: is my muse an optimist or a pessimist?
♒: is my muse emotional or more detached?
♓: my muse's biggest secret
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Bear tilted her head, before grinning, She put her arms around the tiny Elsen and nuzzled, purring and squealing a little bit" your so cute!!"

Walking up slowly to the elsen, Zalli bowed down being soft when he spoke. "Hello there"




The stranger’s polite demeanour was certainly welcome. A hand moved up to fasten his tie, gaze skipping all over the other’s figure before finally dropping to his own shoes.

“Hhh… Good day, sir… I think. Uh… A-Are you in need of… of something?”

Raising his brow slightly he took the time to sit down and listen to the elsen tell of the area. Zalli was big to begin with but with him just sitting down he was looking up slightly as he grinned.

"I honestly didn’t know any of that~!" He chimed once he was done. "You truly do know your work and zone quite well i’m impressed!" 

The comment earned a bashful little grin that fretful hands drawing up to cover his mouth failed to conceal fully; sweet, warm joy always bloomed within his chest when complimented about the way he handled his precious job, even if for but a moment. The worked dipped his head in a soft bow. “A-Ah, th… thank you, sir,” he wheezed, eyes briefly falling on the box under the visitor’s arm before darting back up to its owner – just to yet again flee to his very own shoes, that is. There was something deeply unsettling about people’s eyes, the feeling of those piercing little orbs digging through his soul always creeping up at each and every attempt at holding someone’s gaze. “Although… uh… If you need to… to ship a package, you should head to the… hhh… p-post office, you see…”

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